Moving can be an exciting time when you feel like you are in control. Here are some helpful, if somewhat quirky, moving tips to ease the stress of sorting through and packing valuables. Did you know that socks can be used to pack wine glasses?

Ask for free boxes and moving materials

Seem too good to be true? Well, it’s not if you’re anywhere near one of the Freecycle Network’s 5,196 groups where people would rather help others reuse materials and keep it out of landfills. Sign up to get free stuff that will help you move – and then unload some of your own excess belongings.

Free moving boxes

Use cotton balls to pack cosmetics

To keep expensive powdered cosmetics from breaking, suggests that you place a cotton pad or ball in them for protection.

Pack cosmetics in cotton balls


Pack wine glasses in socks

If you do have the latter, wrap them in the former for extra – free! – padding.

Socks protect wine glasses

This plant moving resource is your friend

Moving plants isn’t as easy as you might think – but that doesn’t mean it’s always impossible. provides guidance.

Plants need care during moving

Pull favors

Who doesn’t owe you a favor but might be willing to help you pack or otherwise organize your move? Now is definitely the time to rally the troops.

Teamwork makes moving fun

For more moving tips, please refer to our moving checklist found here.

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Five quirky moving tips that you might not have thought of yet