When you think about moving your pets, you typically think of the trip itself and how you’ll successfully transport them to your new location. But, pre-planning can go a long way in a smooth move. Here are five helpful tips.

Tip #1: Choose a pet-friendly new neighborhood

Pet friendly neighborhoods
Photo: Tracy Isenberg

When deciding on your new home, make sure the neighborhood seems safe for your pets. How easy is it to take your dog(s) outdoors?

Tip #2: Pick a new home or apartment where pets can feel comfortable

Make pets comfortable in new home
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Plan how to set up pet beds or toys in a way that makes your new place feel like home for your pets.

Tip #3: Update pet tags

Get new pet tags

You’d hate it if a pet got lost during a move. To help prevent that, get identification tags for each pet with your contact information.

Tip #4: If your pet is skittish, ask for help

Pet anxiety prescription
Photo: Tracy Isenberg

Your veterinarian can prescribe anti-anxiety medicine, if necessary.

Tip #5: Keep your pre-moving routine as normal as possible for your pets

Keep to your routine after moving
Photo: Tracy Isenberg

Spend time with them, play with them and reassure them that all is fine.

Watch this blog for part two of this post, where we’ll share moving day tips for you and your pets!

Five pre-planning tips for moving with pets