You’re busy enough on a typical day so, when you add planning a move to your schedule, it can feel overwhelming. So, if you don’t already use to-list lists – and other kinds of lists – to their maximum potential, now might be a good time to start. Here are just a couple of tips.

Tip #1: Keep your daily lists manageable and realistic.

Create Task Lists

We know of someone who, when studying for a college test, would highlight crucial portions of her textbook. Sounds like a good strategy, right? Well, she ended up highlighting MOST of the book, so this didn’t help her at all. The same thing happens when you throw everything and the kitchen sink onto your moving to-do list. It simply becomes overwhelming and unmanageable – and doesn’t help you in the least.

Tip #2: Keep your lists prioritized with the most important items on top.

Prioritize your move

You don’t always get through a daily to-do list. After all, if your child becomes ill that day and needs picked up early from school (plus needs extra care!), you probably won’t get everything else done that you’d planned for that day. But, if you prioritize your list appropriately, you will usually get the most important items done – and that will keep you progressing along.

Tip #3: Use technology when it helps.

Manage moving with tech

There are plenty of online list-making programs and templates available to help you find what works best for you. Or if you’d rather use old-fashioned pen and paper, that works, too! Find what suits your style and then use your method in the most effective way possible.

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Three moving tips: master the list!

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