Moving tips: declutter!
Serious de-cluttering tips!

Earlier this year, we blogged about managing clutter, which will make moving so much easier. Hopefully those moving tips helped you to streamline the process.

But . . . what if you’re a bit of a hoarder? First of all, know that overcoming hoarding is possible. An article in Psychology Today titled Field Guide to the Pack Rat: Closet Cases shares that it’s important to start slowly when decluttering. If you know you have a hoarding tendency (and, if you’re not sure, ask a loving but blunt friend or relative and that person will surely let you know!), then plan enough time to do your pre-move decluttering.

Here’s more insight from the article: “Many pack rats equate their possession with everything that’s good in life . . . Going cold turkey – emptying your shelves directly into the dumpster – is bound to lead to regret, so set concrete boundaries for yourself that will allow you to declutter while still honoring your attachments to a limited extent.”

 More decluttering before you move tips advised against the “I’ll just put this away for now” strategy. Instead, when you first handle an object, make a decision – keep, throw away or sell/donate.

Questions to ask yourself

Do you need these things?

ADDitude Magazine lists questions to ask yourself before deciding what to do with a belonging. They include:

  • Would I replace this if it got broken or if I lost it? If the answer is no, do you really need that item?
  • Is it potentially useful?
  • Why have I been saving it?
  • Does it serve its purpose well?

If you answer these questions honestly, you’ll have insight into what’s worth keeping and what belongings aren’t worth taking to your new home.

Check out the article for more targeted questions.

One more perspective

Women’s Health adds more useful tips:

  • If tempted to acquire more things, consider acquiring amazing experiences, instead!
  • Less really can be more. Honest.
  • If it’s getting closer to moving time and you still have more belongings that probably need discarded, sold or donated, ask a friend to help you make the decisions. He or she won’t be as emotionally attached and can help you make more objective choices.

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More moving tips when decluttering: serious measures!

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