Moving day could easily become a day filled with little frustrations and unexpected challenges. While there will always be some stress associated with a move, there are some items you should have on hand to help make the transition from your old place to your new place as smooth as possible.

Magic Marker and Labeling Tape

Even though you may be confident in your ability to remember what’s in every box you packed, that’s not likely to be the case. Have a few magic markers handy so you can quickly label your boxes – you’ll appreciate the extra effort when looking for a dish or cup at your new place. If you want to be a bit more organized, use labeling tape to make your notations.

Sturdy Trash Bags

Not everything needs to be meticulously labeled and boxed. Sturdy trash bags can come in handy for transporting bedding, linens and odds and ends like fall and winter coats. For added convenience, use white or clear trash bags so you can quickly see what’s inside when unpacking.

Tape and Tape Dispenser

Looking for scissors every time you want to trim off a piece of tape can quickly become tedious. Head to your local dollar store and pick up a tape dispenser and several rolls of tape. While it may seem like a little thing, you’ll appreciate the ability to quick tear off pieces of tape with a single hand motion when sealing up your boxes.

Something with Wheels

Spare yourself some lower back pain and use a skateboard or other object with wheels to transport some of the cumbersome boxes and bulky items to your new place in advance of your move. Save the heavier stuff for the moving professionals.

Utility Knife

If you don’t want to opt for a dispenser, a utility knife can help with cutting tape. It can also come in handy when unpacking boxes at your new place.

White or Brown Shoe PolishPlanning Your Move - Morgan Moving and Storage

There’s sure to be a few scuffs on baseboards from the moving process. A little white or brown shoe polish (depending on the color of your baseboards) can quickly hide such marks.

Tote Bags

Tote bags or other cloth bags with zippers or drawstrings can be used to transport smaller things like your medicine cabinet items. You can also use these easy-to-carry bags for some of your electronics or other belongings you don’t want to toss in with everything that’s going to go on the moving truck.

Hand Vacuum

In case you break or spill something during the moving process, a hand vac can be used for a quick cleanup. You can also use it to do a quick last-minute spot cleaning before leaving your old place or when you arrive in your new place.

Moving Day: The most important items to have on hand

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