Harris Poll released a fascinating new study to determine whether Americans would like to move abroad – and why or why not. This survey was taken from May 15-19, 2015, and 2,090 adults (ages 18 and up) took the poll, with 102 of them being foreign born. And, fourteen percent of Americans would be interested in moving to another country within the next five years.

moving abroad
Would you be willing to move out of the country?

Reasons why people would move

People who would consider leaving cite these reasons:

  • Better quality of life (36%)
  • Lower cost of living (33%)
  • New experiences (31%)

Reasons why people want to stay in the US of A

Stay in the USA
Or would you rather stay in the USA?

Of the 65% of people surveyed who would NOT want to move out of the country, here’s why:

  • Romantic and family ties (58%)
  • Democracy (22%)
  • Culture, such as customs, food, sports, art (17%)
  • Job prospects (13%)
  • Good future for children (10%)
  • Affordable housing (5%)
  • Weather (5%)
  • Low crime rates (3%)
  • Low taxes (2%)

How about you?

Would you consider moving out of the United States? Why or why not? Leave a comment below!

Moving survey: 35% of Americans would move abroad

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