Before you turn your house over to the new owners, it’s likely that you’ll want to do one last cleaning. If you’re renting a home, your lease may require the house to be “broom clean” before you turn in your keys. Although that term can be defined in multiple ways, it basically means that everything not being given to the new occupants is removed and the floors are swept clean.

In either instance, some people hire a cleaning service, while others prefer to do the cleaning themselves. If you’re a DIYer, here are a few tips to make all easier.

Leave utilities on to prevent weathering

Tip #1: Be smart about your utilities.

Keep relevant utilities turned on. For sure, you’ll want to have use of your water and electrical power. If the weather is cold and you have a gas furnace, you’ll want to keep gas turned on, too, just long enough to do your final cleanup.

Tip #2: Set aside a kit of basic cleaning supplies, including cloths.

Cleaning supplies left behind

Clean all you can ahead of time, including windows, the stove, your cupboards and so forth, and then use your kit for final touchups after your belongings are loaded on the moving truck. If you’re leaving behind your refrigerator, what will you need to defrost it and then do a cleanup of the area? And, the new owners would certainly be grateful if you wiped down the walls with water and dishwasher liquid. To boost strength add vinegar, washing soda and ammonia.

Tip #3: As a final step, clean up the cleanup area: the sink

Cleaning the sink

When you’re scrubbing and washing, the sink tends to be Grand Central Station. So, when you’re done with your cleanup, mix some chlorine-free bleach with water and spray the sink. Let it soak in before rinsing. Consider soaking the plug in bleach water and then rinsing well. Finally, mix baking soda with water and pour it down the drain to eliminate odors.

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Moving tips: final clean up time!

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